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Integration is a key element to Mission Critical Facility operation.

Integration is necessary for all the components of the systems to work properly and respond to customer requests. This means that each part needs proper connection to the main system.

BMS and what is entails.

One of the tools used for integration is Building Management System* (BMS), also formerly indexed as Building Automation System (BAS). BMS is a computer based program that monitors and controls bulding’s mechanical and electrical equipment. Platt Rogers Company installed and commissioned many systems of that kind in variety of mission critical facilities. Systems that linked to BMS often times represent up to 40% of building’s total energy usage, and linking electricity brings the number up to almost 70%. As a result this statistics just strengthens importance of BMS system.


Building Automation System

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Platt Rogers Company performs work associated with bringing all components of subsystems together, while paying attention to safety requirements and customer usability. System integration is a process that adds value to the systems altogether and improves overall functionality of your facility, thus every facility should take it serious.


* Refer to Mission Critical Construction Glossary for more information


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