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About Us: Platt Rogers Company is an industrial integration, installation and logistics company.

Mission: To provide the best quality, innovative and cost-effective systems integration services to our client’s mission critical operations.

Vision: Following industry safety Standards provide highest level of customer service to mission critical facilities, their partners and users.

Safety: Knowing that our clients work in some of the most stressful, hazardous settings, Platt Rogers Company makes it a priority to perform our services according to industry safety standards.


Integrity – to always provide proven methods in the best interest of our customers

Trust – build lasting partnerships with the stakeholders of our community

Accountability – use best practices in all business aspects and take pride in our work

Transparency – be open in our bidding, development, and installation practices

Fairness – considering all possible stakeholders in our business initiatives

Respect – hold all member of our community in the highest regard

Rule of Law – to follow all established rules, regulations and policies

Viability – to create value for the community lasting generations to come

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