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Client Sectors

Platt Rogers Company offers services to a wide range of client sectors. One important thing to keep in mind – Platt Rogers has an extensive history working in mission critical environments and has partnered with many clients to complete confidential projects on multiple government and military installations. We are a respected, thorough and confidential partner.

Mission Critical Sectors

Data Centers: Having worked on variety of data centers throughout the nation, Platt Rogers will guarantee your facility will be running without interruption. We know how much down time can cost you, and we will ensure to eliminate it altogether.

Hospitals: Platt Rogers Company will provide highest quality equipment, skilled labor and industry knowledge to execute project within shortest times and of highest reliability.

Government & Military: Platt Rogers has been a key partner in multiple mission-critical projects for the US Government and United States Armed Forces. We are a trusted with confidential projects and installations.

Mining & Manufacturing: Platt Rogers has an extensive background working in highly technical, highly specialized job sites, including mines. Our safety record is impeccable and we can be a valued partner on any site, no matter how unique.

Agricultural: When the agriculture industry needs innovative and cost effective solutions to keep their facilities operating at maximum capacity, they turn to Platt Rogers Company. We are capable of designing and building solutions to feed, water and ventilation issues on any size operation.

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