Castle Rock Development

Castle Rock Development

If you ever drive on i25 going south you have passed town of Castle Rock. And those that do it frequently can attest to tremendous growth this town has been experiencing: brand new shopping malls with new restaurants and cafes, biggest King Soopers store in the area, new housing complexes. Castle Rock is becoming more and more a destination rather then a town you pass on the way to your destination.

Chicago based P3 Advisors thinks so as well. P3 got approval fromĀ  Castle Rock Town Council to begin work on a piece of land that has been vacant since 1979. Considering high market saturation in Denver and Boulder areas, along with increasing land prices, P3 has made an excellent move by choosing Castle Rock for their next project.

Castle Rock Development

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New development is known under name Miller’s Landing and is located on the northwest side of i25 with fast and convenient access to the highway.

We will be looking forward to hear more exciting news from town of Castle Rock.


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